Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Toy In My Garage

The more I work with wood, the more I love it. I started to make new thing and found that they were almost impossible to make without a lathe.

I found in Amazon a device that can be installed in the press drill to make lathe work. It is very inexpensive so I bought it and stared to work and learn.

2014-10-12 16.07.19

Very soon I found that this is good for eventual work but first it is no easy to work in the vertical position and the tool rest, that is a tube in a fixed position parallel to the rotation axis is a big limitation.

Then I found in   Harbor Freight Tools Discount Tool & Hardware Store this beautiful mini lathe that at the time was on offer for an incredible low price

Central-Machinery 95607 8" x 12" Bench Top Wood Lathe

I bought the tooling in Amazon, build a table and place it in my garage next to my press drill


2014-10-17 17.05.45


I have been very busy with real life work but I have been able to find time to play with my lathe.

I will continue to post my leanings when I find a some time.