Monday, December 2, 2013

Building the “Toucan” wooden clock Part 2

I have worked on and off during the last few days as my home was full of visitors for Thanksgiving Sonrisa

All the main parts (frame, base, wheels, pinions and dial) of the clock are already cut. The most difficult one was canon pinion as I had to mill it in both sides and the .0625” end mill bit was not long enough to mill all the part. Milling the rest of the parts was quite easy but anyway it is time consuming because it is necessary a slow feed rate and very high speed at the spindle to obtain good results without damaging the wood

2013-12-02 14.46.38

2013-11-25 18.49.182013-11-25 18.49.342013-11-25 18.54.442013-11-26 14.48.13 2013-11-26 19.04.532013-11-27 14.11.57


I had to cut the frame in two parts because the piece was too big for my machine I hope I can hide the joint with wood putty and stain!

Now I have to work in a lot of very small parts that are all the spacers, pinion supports, and arbors and then mill the parts for the pendulum.


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