Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You get what you pay for…

And I was aware of this when I bought the the Chinese Machine! but In my professional life I learned this and I was prepared Sonrisa

When I was installing and running the first tests with the wooden car the machine one of the Stepper Motor flexible couplings broke. I contacted  the vendor an made the claim, and I am still waiting for the replacement part but I order 4 spare parts from other vendors of better quality expecting that this will happen again and it did! Triste

I lost two pieces of good wood and a lot of time. Now I replaced all the couplers in the three  Stepper motors and I order 3 more they cost $8.00


The Broken coupler and the new one:

2013-11-26 20.02.53

New coupler installed on the three motors:

2013-11-26 20.03.08

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