Thursday, July 9, 2015

A new clock is on the way! The planetary Clock

I love gears. There are so many combinations and possibilities that allows millions of combinations.

This time I developed a clock wheel train based only on epicyclic  gears.


I will use three sets of planetary gears connected in series as a sandwich. the input must be oration of one turn per second.

The clock will have the three hands: Hours, Minutes and Seconds.

For diving this clock I will use a timer synchronous motor. I have to options one that makes one turn per minute and one that makes 60 turns per minutes. I have not yet made any decision.

I already finished the 3D CAD model of the clock without the driving device and I think that this clock looks great!


This will not be a small clock! the diameter of the rings is 7.5”

A new challenging project with a lot of work in my garage

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