Saturday, July 11, 2015

Planetary Clock “Light”


Before engaging in building a multilayer planetary gear clock I decided to go step by step and create a “light” version with only the 12:1 gear and driven by a 1 RPM motor.

I have a couple of timer motors the run at 1 RPM but the only problem is that the run counter clockwise and for this reason cannot be installed directly in the minute hand arbor.

I also have one motor that turns clockwise, but is big and when I draw the model the clock looked like a fan with a motor in the back.

In technology design and in many aspects I follow the concept of “Simple is beautiful” but some times adding some complexity to an an artistic kinetic device (that is what I think a wooden clock is), the complexity provides  more visual action.

In this case I could use a couple of gears to invert the motion direction but it would be more or less the same as the motor will be exposed and the “magic” of the wooden clock will be diminished.

My solution is, using Clyton Boyer’s words” drive the clock wit a pawl and click gear. In other words: I cam lever with a ratchet or escarpment wheel.

In the back view you can see the motor hidden in one of the bases and the small cam wheel that will make the escapement to advance one tooth each motor turn.

image image

Today I will start creating the CNC programs to mill all the gears.

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