Sunday, January 31, 2021

Fourth Axis

 After a long wait, I just received from China the 4th axis for my router. Now it is time to install it. 

I will make a set of holes with thread inserts on the sacrificial MDF board to make possible the use of the 4th axis or A-axis or B-axis, 

The electrical installation will be straight forward as I added to the original design of the control box the stepper motor driver and all the connections to the Pokeys control board. 

The next step will be to configure MAHC4 for the 4th axis, which I think will be only time consuming as they have a profile for the 4th axis. It is named  "A" bit I will probably change it to "4".

The major work will be to configure the post-processor for Fusion 369 and for Inventor CAM

The bad news is that the Fusion 360 tool path generation for the 4 and 5 axes has an extra cost. As I Have the paid version O have the option to activate the Manufacturing extension for one day at $25, or a month for $200. In my case, I will use the 7-day free trial to test and learn the creation of the 4 axes toll path. Depending on the project or work I will decide later what option I get.

As I pay for the full license of the Manufacturing and product design package, I need to check if Inventor CAM has the multiaxis option included. 

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