Friday, January 29, 2021

My version of the Hyperbola Clock

I just finished this beautiful version of the Hyperbola Clock as a present for my son for his MBA graduation.

For this one, I used a standard high torque quartz mechanism.

The clock was fully modeled in Fusion 360. The base is oak and the disk and x-shape panel with birch 1/8" plywood. The moving bar is a brass 1/8" diameter rod.

All the wood parts were processed in my router and I used the wood lathe to finis the oak part. 

For engraving the initials on the disk and the rod position reflection on the x-shape, I used a 5.5w led laser head attached to the spindle motor of my router.

The disc functions as the hour hand. 

The minute's hand, the support for the brass rod, and the hour markers on the oak base are 3D printed using black PETG filament.

I love projects where I can use all my tech gadgets!

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