Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Conical Pendulum Wooden Clock Part 1

Now that the pendulum is tested I am starting the building of the real clock. The 3D design is ready although I still need to modify it based on the leanings of the test stand. This design is based  in a draft that Clyton Boyer shared with me of a conical pendulum clock using constant force spring. He never finished the design and he gave it to me to see if I can convert it to the electrical driven conical pendulum. (And I took his as a challenge)

Using Clyton’s basic idea I redesigned the back base, also designed the elliptical dial. I changed the position of the wheels in order to match the base and the dial shape. I also defined the arbor’s length and decide to use 3/16” rod for the arbors instead 1/8”

These are some views  generated by the 3d design software I use:

Conical ISOconical frontconical back

This weekend I started with the building of the real clock. The first thing is the pendulum, once I have it ready, tested and calibrated I will continue with the rest of the clock.

This is the Final design of the pendulum part of the clock after the leanings from the test stand


In this opportunity I went back to basics and used a scroll saw to cut the base parts and the arcs. I only used the CNC for carving the holes for the motor, the ball bearings and electrical circuit (added space for eventual use of batteries)

  2014-03-22 11.51.082014-03-22 11.52.162014-03-22 11.52.07

Today I finished the pendulum structure an this is how it looks now:


2014-03-22 20.51.32

Tomorrow I will finish the electrical part, hang the pendulum and start testing!

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