Monday, March 24, 2014

The Conical Pendulum Wooden Clock Part 2

This weekend was very active and productive. I have the pendulum up and running Sonrisa

First was to wind the coil and fix it in place. I made the coil reel using a 1/4” brass tube and for the sides I cut two circles of 1” diameter of 1/16” plywood.

 2014-03-23 14.47.42

The screw in the center of the coil  is not for fixation  which, I  fixed it to the base with double side glue duct tape. The function of the screw is to adjust to torque of the pulse motor.

Then I wired the driver circuit and the optical switch.

2014-03-24 13.44.56

After testing the motor without the pendulum I milled  and installed the pendulum slotted guide in the rotor, hanged the pendulum and started to test and calibrate the height of the bob and the torque of the motor. I set it to run at exactly one second per turn with the help of the oscilloscope.

I had to reinforce the arcs as they were moving and oscillating  with the pendulum movement so I added a vertical wood support to hold the arcs at the top. Now I must think in a way to make some kind of reinforcement in the final design of the clock in order to hide this support.

Here is a video of the pendulum working and running very precisely Sonrisa:

And this is a slow motion video of the pendulum at 1/8th of the speed. A full turn will be 8 seconds:

Now I have to go back to the drawing table (My Computer) modify the final design with the new pendulum and find a way to reinforce the arcs structure without affecting the beauty of the design.


See you soon in my garage!

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