Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Conical Pendulum Wooden Clock Part 3

Scroll Saw Weekend:

In order to start the building and assembly of the clock it is necessary to have the back base or frame first be able to mount the rest of parts. I designed this frame using elliptical curves and it was not easy to cut with the saw as I deiced to use oak that is not an easy wood to work and the width is 3/4”.

This is a 3D view of the frame from my CAD software


First I made a paper template scale 1:1. As I don’t have a plotter or a printer for large paper I split the drawing in several sheets


2014-03-26 11.04.30

I glued the template to the board and start cutting very slow.. 3/4” oak requires tons of patient if you don’t want to spend your savings in saw blades and ruined wood…

The first cut was the outside, then the internal, and this was really difficult and a lot of work!

2014-03-26 12.02.38

After the internal cuts I drilled the holes for the arbors and the dial support using the same template.

2014-03-26 14.00.23

Finally sand paper to remove the imperfections of the cut (that were a lot…)

Anyway I am very happy with the results at it is a very nice and original frame for my conical clock Sonrisa

There is still a lot of sanding needed for finishing but this will be after the clock is fully tested.

2014-03-26 21.14.02

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