Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pythagoras clock part III

Many things have happened since my last post!
I made the frame 2 times more as I was not very happy with the first one. First the mistake in the holes and second the feed rates and speeds.

Wood is not easy and with end mills bits that in general are not designed for wood there is a lot of trial an errors. Searching in the Internet did not help a lot until a found a very good software with the most important characteristics:
  • Full of data including wood feed and speed calculations
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive!
The software is G-Wizard Calculator and I should say that any hobbyist with a CNC should use this software. Since I started to use de G-Wizard No more broken bits and 200% quality and milling speed improvement. I really recommend the G-Wizard!

This is a print screen of the speed/feeds window of this great software:

This is the final frame with the quality and speed I like:
2015-06-11 20.20.50

Below the CNC milling the base:
2015-06-09 23.06.15

The base and the frame  looks really nice!!! In love
2015-06-11 20.20.27

And with the help of the G-Wizard I found the right speed and feed rate for a new .0625” 2 Flute end mill bit to make all these small parts and gears from the escapement  with precision and quality:

2015-06-12 10.59.422015-06-12 12.47.40

I used one of the bad frames to test the escapement system and it looks beautiful even with the unfinished wood!
2015-06-12 18.09.32

Instead of winding and making a homemade solenoid I bought this one in Amazon. It gives a very professional look to the clock..
This is the link:

Next step is to write the program for the Arduino Nano to activate the solenoid exactly each to seconds. One thing I will use is a pulse modulated output to control the speed for solenoid to make a controlled  engage and disengage. In this way this clock will be both very precise and quiet.

Pythagoras will be a very nice night table clock!

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