Monday, June 15, 2015

Pythagoras clock part IV (The third Wheel)

Yesterday I finished the third wheel and the pinion and made some tests of the escapement system using a manual push button.

I am very happy with my .0625” 2 flute bit. I really makes a a good work and at reasonable speed. It would be impossible make these tiny parts without it.

 2015-06-14 18.36.37
I also made the spacers and stoppers. I made a jig for my drill press and now I can make a perfect centered hole in wood rods

This is how Pythagoras looks with its 3rd wheel installed:
2015-06-14 22.55.23
I tested the escapement with a 5 VDC power supply and a push button but the solenoid engages really fast and the lever pushes so fast that wheel advances several teeth. I need to modulate the the motion.
I have a test program already written fir the Arduino but I need a power transistor to handle  +1 ampere of the solenoid.

Unfortunately with Radioshack out of business now I need to buy the parts online… I will save a lot as Radioshack was expensive but it was very handy and near home. Now I have to wait a couple of days (thanks to Amazon Prime) to get my parts!

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