Wednesday, November 13, 2013

First full project: A wooden car!


2013-11-12 20.30.39

I am the kind of person who likes to read manuals and learn all the aspects of the technological gadgets. I found that the best way to learn all the aspects is to start with a complex project that forces me to apply if not all, most of the capabilities of the new gadget.

I like to program microprocessors and PLCs and now we have the Arduino, which has become one of the most popular devices for robotic toy design and the teaching of electronic controls in technical schools and universities.

The new project is a motorized wooden car that will be controlled by an Arduino. I have not decided what type of control or what operations will perform the car but I designed it to have enough place inside to hold the Arduino, batteries and any additional electronics needed.

With this project I learned a lot! I broke a milling tool; I had to throw a lot of wood and parts damaged due to wrong feed rates, spindle speeds or tool selection. I also learned a lot regarding the milling strategy to select while post processing the job. 

I also learned about how unsafe this machine is and all the precautions I need to follow to avoid accidents in the future. I also learned that even it is a nice machine; it is Chinese and uses a lot of low quality parts. The machine had a major failure that took several hours to fix plus a lot of mails back and forth with the vendor.

The design using Inventor:

2013-11-08 16.39.23

Post processing using BobCad V26:


Milling with my CNC 3040 and Mach3 CNC software


milling the car

2013-11-11 19.37.502013-11-11 20.21.48

Final Product:

2013-11-12 19.33.012013-11-12 19.34.05

There is a lot to share and I hope I will be able to find the time to write and post here. I will do my best…

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