Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Next Challenge: A wooden clock

I have been working the last 2 days in creating a 3D model of a beautiful  pendulum clock designed by Clayton Boyer. I received the dxf files from him and worked very hard to make them usable for 3D solid extrusion. The final result is amazing and I really hope to finish this fantastic clock very soon. I already ordered the brass tubes and the 1/8” rod. and I have in my garage all the material needed for the electrical part (The clock uses a home winded coil) and a 9V DC power supply.

Tomorrow is shopping day for wood although I will probably will mill the wheels in plastic…

Here are the Images from the 3D cad software:

Toucan Clock1

Toucan Clock2

Toucan Clock3

Toucan Clock5

I have not stopped working with the wooden car and the Arduino. I am testing several things to make a very nice project…

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