Monday, November 11, 2013

My new toy

After all these years working with CAD software, designing machines and parts I finally decided to start using this knowledge as a hobby.

At the beginning I was planning to design and build my own machine but the Chicness made my life easier and now it is possible to buy a 3 axis router, engraver for a very low price. Ebay did the rest…

For $1,250.00 with free shipping I received last week my new Chinese 3 axis CNC3040


The installation process took 1 full day as I had to build an extension of the workbench and install everything properly fixed. I hate provisional installations! because they have the tendency to become  “permanently  provisional”

The machine came without the software and manuals. I contacted the vendor vie Ebay and they sent a link with the software, I also goggled  and was able to find the manual. The vendor sent the manual via post mail from China and I am still waiting for it

I had to buy some additional electronics and also pay a new license  for the latest version of the MACH3 software. The one sent by the vendor is not updated and cannot be used with laptops. I will leave the technical details for the next post.

Here is a video of the first run using a sample G code that came with the MACH3 software. I used the engraving V shape bit that came with the machine and uses a piece of wood that was part of the shipping case.

I will share the initial experiences, technical findings and issues in the next post

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